1. The Call Of Spirit – Embracing Your Potential.


Join us for the first in a trilogy of weekend workshops designed to connect with your own divinity, unlock your psychic senses and enhance communication with those in the afterlife.

Being psychic is not a special gift only given to mystics or those on a spiritual path. The truth is we all have natural psychic abilities. Psychic development is much more than predicting future events, it’s about deepening your connection to the spiritual realms and your true soul self which provides an incredible foundation for living the best life possible.

In this workshop you will learn the foundations and fundamentals of psychic development and begin to explore the mechanics of mediumship.

This workshop, the first in the trilogy, is targeted at the beginner level. It would also be ideal for those at an intermediate level wishing to strengthen their skills and deepen their connection with the spirit world.

Please note: Tickets are non-refundable as per our T&Cs.

What people have said about the workshops:

I loved it! This workshop was a really beautiful event that empowered me to unleash my true potential. I feel so much more confident in my abilities now. Thank you!

A wonderful opportunity to create awareness of your skills in a safe space.

I loved the workshop. I had the best time and discovered a lot about myself and my abilities. Thank you Jenny and Carrie for your time, guidance and support.

I absolutely loved this weekend. It was a loving, and safe space and the participants were beautiful and gentle people. I highly recommend Carrie and Jenny, they are amazing.

This workshop was so much better than I expected. The group was so loving and welcoming. I’ll be coming to many more.

I loved learning and growing more. Thank you for being my teachers and mentors.

Carrie and Jenny are great teachers to support students through their spiritual journeys in a safe and supportive environment. I can’t wait for the next instalment.

This weekend has exceeded my expectations. Carrie and Jenny created such a safe space to explore spirituality. I feel so blessed to have had a space in this group.

I cannot thank Jenny and Carrie enough for helping me connect to my higher self and realise the power of my intuition. I loved the entire weekend! Both Carrie and Jenny were extremely knowledgeable, honest, true to themselves, supportive and encouraging. I cannot wait for the next workshop.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt a great deal. I have learnt to trust myself more and surprised myself with my own abilities. Thank you to both Carrie and Jenny.

My first workshop was such an empowering experience. I was supported and directed when needed. Jenny and Carrie were so supportive. Thank you so much.

It was perhaps the safest space to learn, make mistakes and grow. If you’re wondering if you are ready to explore the spiritual world then I highly recommend this workshop.

The most amazing thing I’ve ever done! It was a beautiful weekend.

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