About Carrie

Carrie De Block is a professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher from Canberra. From the minute you meet Carrie you are greeted with authenticity and warmth. 

She relates to her clients with empathy and compassion and through sharing her own journey, which enables her to hold a safe and nurturing space. 

Carrie has been described as personable, genuine and down to earth. Her ability to make you feel comfortable in what can be an emotional experience is like no other.‍

Through mediumship Carrie connects with loved ones on the other side to bring through evidence and specific information that often leave her clients blown away.  Whilst a mediumship reading will never bring back your loved one in physical form, often the messages and guidance brought through will help to bring peace and healing to a grieving heart. 

Carrie believes everyone has the ability to tune into their own unique intuitive senses as well as connect with the spirit world. Her passion is to help people recognise their own abilities, life purpose and unlock their full potential.

Carrie is passionate about being of service to spirit by acting as a bridge between our world and the spirit world, helping others to remember that our soul survives physical death and that those we love never stop watching over us from above. 
Alongside being a psychic medium, Carrie is a devoted partner and Mum to three beautiful boys. When she’s not working she dedicates her time to her family or immerses herself in self care and self development.