Workshops and Groups 

Carrie has been facilitating spiritual groups and workshops since 2014 and loves connecting with clients in sacred space.

Carrie runs and co-facilitates regular workshops in Canberra, including ‘Awaken Your Inner Healer’‘Living A Spiritually Guided Life’ and the very popular psychic and mediumship development series ‘The Call of Spirit – A Trilogy’.

Carrie is passionate about empowering others to tune into their own intuition and unique gifts. Workshops offer the opportunity to grow and transform with like-minded people, learning from Carrie’s experience and guidance in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Carrie has created an online community via the “Carrie De Block Live Weekly Readings” Facebook page. This has become a hump day hub for those seeking guidance and connection with their loved ones in the spirit world, as well as connection within a spiritual community.