Illuminating The Shadow Workshop – Saturday 29th June 2024


‘Illuminating The Shadow’ is a co-creation between Carrie De Block and Linda Vincent, experienced professionals who have designed this workshop to empower you to shine light on your shadow self and illuminate and integrate it into waking consciousness.

Shadow exploration and healing is the ultimate journey of self-awareness and acceptance and is often viewed as one of the most powerful and transformational chapters on the spiritual path. It involves bringing to light aspects of oneself that have remained hidden and are not yet illuminated, which creates space for deeper self-awareness, healing and transcendence.

We welcome you to share this journey with us if you feel called to deepen your spiritual growth by embracing your shadow side and unlocking its unlimited well of potential, creativity, energy and power.

Interested in attending but feeling some fear or resistance surfacing? Maybe you’ve explored shadow work before and found it confronting or dark, which sadly many people have experienced. Please know shadow work is not dark work, nor should it ever bring shame or fear.

We have created this workshop using a gentle and compassionate approach, with the support, wellbeing and healing of each participant at the heart of this workshop. You will learn about your shadow self & shadow work and be supported and guided in sacred space, through shadow work exercises that will assist you to work with your unique shadow in a safe and positive way.

Workshop includes tea and coffee and afternoon tea. BYO lunch.

Investment in you — $304.70 inc GST.


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